luni, 7 septembrie 2009

To love someone means

To love someone means
to contemplate his feelings,
his aspirations and sufferings,
his dreams and his joys,
his wants and his fears.

To love someone means
to go beyond clothing,
beyond the mask that can deceive you
towards the most fiery place...
His heart is utterance without words.

To love someone means
to be full of compassion
to understand his pain even if he doesn't let it out...
To let the tear mingle
with his silent prayer.

To love someone means
to offer him the chance of being listened to,
of feeling loved, respected,
seeing he's appreciated,
not to impose anything forcefully.

To love someone means
to acknowledge his right to his own way,
even if it differs from your creed
To onestly appreciate his opinions
without judging him for his mistakes.

Loving someone means
to transparently expose your desires
feelings and vulnerabilities...
To onestly express your thoughts,
To shamelessly say: "That's me, man!"

To love someone means
to have the courage to climb the Calvary
to give yourself willingly
to sacrifice if necessary
drinking the suffering's heavy bitterness.

To love someone means
to meekly give an answer when he's wrong
Even when he's guilty, confort him with tenderness.
Don't shout about his sin on the streets, in the markets...
Let your teary eyes comfort his look!

To love someone means
to sense his presence as a blessing...
To thrillingly fly beside him
On wings of longing, like in a dream
Towards the next Spring of Life.

Therefore, to love someone means
to carry the burden of complete love,
to love yourself after all,
pilgrim soul, through the mistery of divine symphonies,
towards the holy fellowship of clear Light.

pentru limba română apăsaţi aici :)

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